Apator Metra Šumperk heat cost allocator EITN (E-ITN) RFU base + plan

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If you use Apator Metra company's heat cost allocators EITN 30 (EITN 30.4) you probably noticed in the manual that the reading program can display some additional information about each heat cost allocator (HCA)? You can have detailed information about each HCA. For example where it is located: in a living room, in a kitchen etc. Also some additional data can be shown: occupant's name, phone number... You can even add a remark (for example): HCA has not been read on dd.mm.yyyy. In this way you know that last month this HCA had problems. If you can't get HCA's transmitted data this month then it should probably be replaced.

Unfortunately manufacturer does not provide any instructions how to prepare neccessary .pl (plan) files to have this information displayed.

Manual for CRS 40 V2 is available here: http://metra-su.cz/en/download/11e27480-b812-11e8-8ede-d7211f36b2da
This manual mentions base plan mode of work. Reading plans are stored in .pl files. All required information for BASE+PLAN reading mode is stored in .bph and .bpl files.

I can generate these neccessary files for you so you can read HCA's in more efficient way.

This information can also be used for water meters.

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(update 17-feb-2019:)

I finally managed to get RFU35 so I can prepare this webpage (exapmles, screenshots...). Here are two screenshots:

More info is coming.

You can contact me. My email address is: these three words (separated by a dot (in total there should be two dots)):RFU BASE PLAN and then add GMAIL another dot and then COM.